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Work From Home Tips

The perks of working from home

  • Reduced company overhead (rent, utilities)
  • No commute
  • Ability to control your work environment (noise, temperature, organization, decor) for maximum focus, productivity, and happiness
  • Flexible hours (this isn’t the case for all companies, but it’s one we enjoy!)
  • 24/7 access to dog or cat cuddles
  • Always home for package deliveries
  • Wearing whatever’s most comfortable for the temperature

It sounds dreamy, and often it feels that way too. But working from home presents lots of challenges that outside workplaces just don’t have. People often assume the temptation of TV or your phone are the only threats to productivity, but lots of other issues can arise. 

Work from home challenges

  • Constantly seeing chores that need doing (and doing them)
  • Distractions like pets, kids, and partners who need attention 
  • Skipping breaks because you can make a meal in your kitchen in five minutes
  • Not taking sick days because as long as you can sit upright, you can work
  • Working outside work hours because your work is RIGHT THERE
  • Endless snacking because those are right there, too
  • No reason to wear nice clothes, ever
  • Becoming antisocial because it’s easier to stay in PJs after work
  • Pets or family members wandering (or leaping) into video meetings
  • Irritability toward loved ones or roommates who dare to use the home as a home during work hours

Some of the most common tips for working from home are things like keeping your phone out of reach, silencing notifications, defining your work hours, communicating well (and often) with coworkers, and being super conscious of when your camera and mic are on during video meetings. 

Our team wanted to go beyond that, and share our best work from home tips for mental and physical well being. We hope these will help anyone new to remote work – and those who already work from home but want to be even more successful. 


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